Recently I felt I needed a change in my life felt like the old me that was always creating mishap everywhere had to go away… My life before over a 1 1/2 yr’s ago was based whole heartedly on a lie, all I did was cause pain to my family and to myself, I was on a destructive path I didn’t care about anybody else but myself. But I’m a new person now that I’ve found God…. Never been better and never will be…

Entry Page from my book:

You can’t always compare life to a sweat fragrance, they’re going to be times when you’re going to have to climb over mountains, in order to either reach your goals, or simply survive. However, God will give you the strength to do so. In this book I will try to outline many of the challenges that God has helped me overcome as well as many of the stumbling blocks that have made me stagger along the way from the age of four and so on. -J.R.




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