The Reason Within the Unreasonable.. (Part 2)

November 13, 2007

“I sat there in pain, but in victory”

“To my family and doctors, I was just another kid with the desire of something that I could NEVER have… But deep down inside I knew myself, I knew the truth, and I knew my limits… I got tired of everything and everyone that was against me, then one afternoon as I lay on my bed numb to reality and alive to pain, I decided that I was going to climb over “my barrier”… You may call me stupid, dumb, or just a plain idiot… But I was determined, and I knew that the only thing that could possibly stop me; was me, as I left my house and brutally limped towards my impediment, I heard only my definite conscious focused on my distinct goal. I eventually reached the fence and momentarily paused for a few seconds, starring at the monster, I had to admit, that it looked like it was more than I could handle… I took a glance at my feet, then to the sky, as I reassured myself of my decision. I steadily grabbed the fence and stuck my diminutive fingers through the wholes, I put my left toes through the openings, and then I took a deep breath as I slowly proceeded to lift myself up…”

“Before I knew it I was about two feet off the ground and in dire pain… Nevertheless I kept going… It felt as though my leg was going to fall off… The throbbing pain tickled what was left of my senses… At that moment nausea decided it was time to take over… (Part of my “sickness” kept me from fully extending my foot outward, due to the Achilles tendons “stunt growth”.) As tears trickled down my face I became even more determined… I pushed through the pain, I pushed through the negative thoughts, and I managed to regain part of my conscious and kept going… My teeth clattered, and my mouth salivating, this only made my determination and perseverance reclaim their defeat over my barrier… As I reached the top, I rested at the “peak”… My arms hung over the fence and I gripped the other side as I barely managed to lift my leg over the fence… I sat there in pain, but in victory…I was able to make it, and nothing could take what I had accomplished and felt, away…”


This story clearly reminds me of a decision… A decision that in it self may require you to undergo part of what this young lad went through… He said “I sat there in pain, but in victory”… maybe this decision to pursue medicine will entail you to take part in undesirable pain, undesirable sacrifices, and undesirable suffering… But like this lad, as you sit there in pain, you sit in victory… This doesn’t just apply to medicine; it can apply to any circumstance that may arise in your life… If you push through the pain, you will surely reach victory. Pain is nothing more than a state of mind that hinders our determination and holds us back from reaching our ultimate purpose-Inevitable Medical Sleep (J.R.)



2 Responses to “The Reason Within the Unreasonable.. (Part 2)”

  1. Shane Says:

    Hey Newlifedrj,

    I’m sure you’ve been busy with life.
    I just wanted to check to make sure everything is okay. I’m still looking forward to reading more your writing.

  2. newlifedrj Says:

    Thanks Shane… I appreciate your concern, I hope you’ve been good as well… Yeah I have been extremely busy, however I will resume my previous writing soon. The only reason I even saw you had commented was because I happened to check my email…lol Take care man and keep writing!

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