The Caribbean Perspective…From An IMG Voluble Veiw

October 29, 2007




Ok, so I’m here writing and thinking about my past Journey towards a medical education in the Caribbean. Many of you can relate, as either your an IMG or are about to become one. I specifically remember my days on the Island, when I was alone and my surroundings were as silent as a television on mute. Before I graduated from a Caribbean medical school and received my M.D. I never thought I would become an physician. Needless to say that in undergrad my GPA slipped up so much (due to partying and irresponsibly) that I think when I applied to US medical schools they laughed at my application, and then used it as a napkin! My final cumulative GPA was a 2.78, however my MCAT score (a 39Q) I thought managed to at least make up for the hellish GPA, but that was only a fantasy of mine. When I applied to US medical schools, I should have applied to the Caribbean as well. It took me about a year after I was flat out rejected to realize that I had the option of obtaining my M.D. at the cost of attending Caribbean medical school. Even though the Caribbean was an inferno filled with surprises and undesirable commodities, I believe I received a good “hands on” education. I didn’t study at what they call now-a-days the “Top 4” Carib schools, no I went to a sort of unrecognizable medical school outside of its native country. The school however, even though it’s been and still is constantly overlooked, I can vouch for its quality of education. It has 50 state approvals and the curriculum was designed by one of the most prestigious medical schools in the United States.

I’m not here to try to sell you the Caribbean, however I am here to try to convince you that the Caribbean, as hard as it may sound, as undesirable, as unwanted and uncomfortable as it may sound, is an option. Don’t sell yourself short, and don’t think that there’s nothing you can do with a Caribbean M.D., because this is one of the biggest Carib myths and misconception. You are what you make yourself out to be. If you make yourself sound and look like an inferior Carib M.D. then to residency programs and directors this is exactly how you’re going to be viewed. But if you make yourself sound and look confident and reassured in the fact that you know and believe you received a good education, then this is a possible opposed view as well.

My point is, I’m a IMG and I happen to be practicing at one of the largest and most prestigious hospitals in this country. If you want something bad enough, then trust me, where you come from will hardly matter (in reference to a medical education), as long as your focused and dedicated to your success as a physician. Good luck to you all, and especially those who are pondering on a Caribbean medical education.

John Doe M.D.
St. Mary’s Hospital
Head/Director of Cardiology Department

**For the above physician’s protection, his identity, school, and hospital affiliations will remain unknown**


This is a story about an American student who decided to study medicine abroad on an Island. Thus he is now leading a specific region in the United States as head of the Cardiology department.



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