"Your studying what??.. Medicine!" "Oh how cute!"

October 25, 2007

I know I know, the titles lame, but what do you expect? Lately I’ve been getting asked what I want to study or become, an unusual amount of times. And I always pause for a second, and then continue to inform them that its medicine. And people’s eyes light up as they envision me a doctor. I want to know, do I look like I could become a doctor? Do I obtain physician like characteristics? Because to be truthful I always assumed many wouldn’t be as receptive to my dreams as I envisioned them. But anyways, that’s why their “My Dreams” and not theirs..lol Though I recently came to the conclusion on why I pause; I believe that it has to do with me preparing myself for their reactions, as well as trying to predict how they’ll respond. Truth is I don’t care what people think, in reference to what I want to pursue in life, but on some level of curiosity I never seize to pause and wonder for a split second how they’ll respond to my goals. I mean after all they asked, I didn’t stand on a ped-a-stool and announce it to the whole world! You get me?


Anyways there are a lot of new things in my life. For one, I’ve decided to apply to medical school; but in the Caribbean. I’ll be going to study medicine in the country where the blood that runs through my veins comes from….Dominican Republic. There’s been a lot of skepticism in the past pertaining to going to study medicine in the Caribbeans, and most of its on point. But I think I can manage and live in a country that I’m from, even if since I’m coming from the US I’ll be considered Foreign to many. Several people will always stay faithful to the US and say that nothings better, and it is possible that they’re correct, however what if DR is better for me? Better yet, what if the Caribbeans better for you! You can never be sure of something like this, but you can be sure of your passion. And if that passion is strong enough, then you can succeed anywhere you go; whether it be the Caribbean or the US.


“We live in a world where our desires to accomplish or succeed aren’t enough. But we do live in world where becoming successful is possible.”-Unknown to you, but known to me…….





One Response to “"Your studying what??.. Medicine!" "Oh how cute!"”

  1. batguano101 Says:

    Your passion to study medicine is good.

    There are a number of schools in the D.R., check them out carefully.

    Lay plans from the start for where you want to go afterward.
    If back to the US prepare for the USMLE every step of the way.

    Caution is indicated in what you say, do, go along with, or do not go long with. The ECFMG is not based on the test alone. You may pass the test and be blocked from a US license by demands to be compromised in exchange for the certification.

    It is wise to take these matters into account before hand to try to avoid becoming trapped in this situation.

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