Who’s at liberty to discuss Medicines Falter?

October 5, 2007


Ask yourself these questions: Do you think medicine is what it seems to be? Do you believe that we need to and should ethically operate at a higher level? Truth being, many of us wish that medicine could be as we imagined it. The politics, the greed, the power struggle have all wounded the medical community, and for some reason nobody’s doing anything about it. How come we can’t go back to the days when medicine was all BUT greedy, politics, abuse; and everything about treating the patients and giving them the best health care possible. Seems like the autonomy physicians have struggled to keep is becoming an in vain struggle to survive. I have nothing against physician assistants nor NP’s, but why are they continuing to succeed inevitably within the medical field? Why are they taking over procedures that were pioneered by physicians and should be performed by physicians? Why are Nurse Practitioners taking over much of the tasks doctors should perform (prescribing/treating)? Why are doctors not taking a stand and defending themselves? Why are many believing that the 2 years of training PA’s receive are equal to that of a physician in which receives over 8 years of medical hell? Why is it that ethics, morality, and integrity are sustained by only a few within medicine? These questions will remain realistically unanswered until the leaders within our medical communities decide to step up. The constant abuse and sleep deprivation will be something that I’ll have to liberally endure in order to save a few lives, to make dreams a reality, and to give hope to those in dire need of health care.


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