What are the reasons you want to become a physician?

October 3, 2007


I remember pondering about this question and soon enough pushing it to the back of my mind. Within this post I intend to write a “free style” reason (in other words right off the bat) on why I want to pursue medicine. This isn’t meant for you to steel (those of you pondering your personal statements) but only for you to gain insight on why others want to pursue this life altering decision.-Inevitable Medical Sleep (J.R.)


I cannot state the specific date nor time when I decided that I wished to pursue medicine, however I can tell you that I am now sure of my decision. I want to have the full ability to treat the patients conditions and not face any restrictions by my chosen field. I plan on using my career as a gateway in order to reach and accomplish other goals within my field, that many have tried to leave an impact on once before. I intend on fully enabling my abilities and understanding as a physician in order to provide better health care, never mistreat nor under treat a patient. I plan on striving to raise the standards in which patients are treated and implement an ideal view of what path health care within America should be guided towards. Integrity, honor, and respect are a basis of characteristics in which all physicians should obtain, and I believe that I can bring this to the medical community as a doctor. There was an instance that occurred in my life which reassured my commitment on wanting to pursue medicine. I was once at a picnic and everything seemed perfect, until we encountered a man who was having what seemed to be a heart attack. As this person approached our area completely out of breath I could see it in his eyes; the struggle. He was struggling to survive even though he was face to face with death. We sat him down and called an ambulance as one of us took his pulse and could hear his heart racing and quickly speeding up. At that time and moment I felt nothing but helpless. I couldn’t seem to come up with a way to help him, I stood there lifeless, and dead to my surroundings. I could only hear my thoughts and no one else’s. This man was dying right in front of me and I couldn’t do anything, I wasn’t capable nor had the ability to help him. I then realized at that instance that becoming a physician was what I truly desired and felt appropriated for.


(And the rest I’m not going to post because obviously this is the Internet and…Enough said….BTW I wrote pretty quick so I know there are some grammatical errors…(Point is look past them…) Good luck to all you 08 applicants…


*Please note that if you try to submit this as your personal statement you WILL be rejected (from medical school)….So beware…


One Response to “What are the reasons you want to become a physician?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Nice way of “originally” stating your reasons… By the way you don’t have to worry about me stealing part of your personal statement. I already got ACCEPTED!!! To top osteopathic school! I am so HAPPY!! Good luck to you though! Btw I like a lot of your out look, even though sometimes it’s idiotic sometimes….lol (Just kidding)

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