Empty parking lot, Empty classrooms… Means Empty School?

September 19, 2007

Yesterday was my first day of my “express” fall semester, I gladly left work early in order to try and make it on time. As I enter the school parking lot I get a sense of emptiness setting in mainly because the ENTIRE parking lot is empty with the exception of about 15 cars well spread out…. I found it a little weird however the weird thoughts were faded out by the fact that I was focused on making it on time. I start walking to class feeling surprisingly lonely but then I see a couple other students and I assume that everybody’s still in class or something.. Now as I’m walking I get distracted by the fact that I had never realized there were two buildings on campus that looked exactly the same even down to the last detail, the technology and science building. Due to this distraction I end up in the wrong building and it takes me about 5 minutes to realize it after I reminisce and reach the conclusion that about a year ago I had a tech class in the EXACT same hallway my new class was “supposed” to be.. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME!! On top of the silence and this lone desert feeling I start to get some very awkward glances from Janitors and TA’s…. I brush it off and leave the building and enter the correct building. As I’m making my way up the stairs I realize this buildings COMPLETELY empty as well with the minor exception of your average Freshman incorporating the “I’m lost but don’t want to seem stupid by asking directions so yeah, I’m gonna stay lost” look…classic… Ok, I finally reach my classroom and look at my watch, the class was supposed to start over 25 minutes ago but all the lights are off, doors locked and schools empty NOW WHAT!!..?? As I nearly stand there for 10 minutes (yes like a moron) a janitor yells out “There’s NO school today! All the teachers are at a meeting in another city!! (In an annoyed voice as if to say “Hey moron, how dumb can you be..???”) I slap my forehead because I actually remember seeing this online when I was registering!! I felt like an idiot though at the same time relieved because this meant I could go home earlier….. Hmmm, what a insufficiently normal day! Signing out–

Board Certified in Life


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