Does My Health Even Exist?….Anybody?…So Sad Guess Not…

September 11, 2007

Well I’m back, and not extremely amused nor happily writing this to my frequent visitors. Even though I know you don’t post (lol) I know your out there I can sense you!! Either that or my friggin blog counter is messed up…. O well… You guys, remember on my last post how I stated that I had Chronic Tension Headaches? Well wrong! Turns out that I have a damaged nerve running through my skull. I was miserably hospitalized last Friday. I went into the emergency room with a swollen eye that wouldn’t open for anything! Two EM docs tried to figure out what was wrong with my brain and eye, since the night before I had received undeserved excruciating stab like head aches within specified areas of my brain. They basically couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me, they even gave me a head CT scan, obviously nothing came up so they “cooked” up this theory that my severe head aches were caused by a damaged nerve. I basically went to the hospital to get drugs, because that’s exactly what they ended up giving me. On top of having to see a neurologist AND I have to go see an Ophthalmologist which both are going to inform me that I need more drugs, a little more drugs, oh and some more drugs to sooth the pain… Thats the world I live in… Whatever guys, I’m gonna stop talking more BS than I can possibly remember (whatever that means) and suck it up while I keep living and never stop breathing…. Till the next story, next complaint, next near death experience and next time…I’m OUT.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Board Certified in Life


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