What a Prick.. Chronic T-H

August 28, 2007


Today while being a great day has already had its downs.. I come into work today over an hour earlier than I have too (mainly because I need some over time) and I wait for my supervisor. He gets here and doesn’t say a word to me, not even a “Hi” which means he’s already in a horrible mood. I was charged with a very important job last week and exceptionally completed it to my best abilities (well at least I thought so).. I had to create a folder with several blueprints designed by our department for the general manager of the company. He asks me if all the damn prints are in the folder and I say to him “How about you check the folder”, he gets mad and yells “What..??.!!!!” as if to intimidate me, however it didn’t work I state in a demanding voice “How about you check the folder..!!!” this time louder and in a low voice from across the cubical I hear him mutter “You check the folder it’s your Fu@#*ng job!” and I say “What..?” I was pissed, I yell back “I did check the folder!” in a irritated tone of voice. At this point I could’ve cared less if I would’ve gotten fired, however me consciously knowing that I have many bills and an education to pay I humble myself and shut up. I wanted to get out of my chair and slap the crap out of his face, even if it would’ve cost me my job but you learn from your mistakes lets just leave it at that… It turned out he was an idiot and I was completely right, now he’s trying to talk in a low, humiliating, kiss ass tone of voice. That boils the blood under my skin! Ahhh, but what are you gonna do, thats life.. Anyways, I found out today that the reason I have been having these irritating, uncontrollable headaches is because I have Chronic Tension Headaches. This type of headache bilaterally affects the frontal and temporal lobes. It feeds off of my stress and acute anxiety. It’s so bad sometimes that I might just smile and that causes pressure and increases the pain in my head! I have to go to my doctor for some meds. Even the air affects the range of pain I might chronically feel, apparently I have had this for a while. I mean months and it curiously never goes away. Well now I know, oh and so do you guys… Oh and please don’t pay attention to any typo’s I had to write this quick, I’m going on lunch now… See ya later alligator…. That was gay…Lol


One Response to “What a Prick.. Chronic T-H”

  1. […] usual, I’ll make it up to my readers…lol Oh and it turns out I was right, I do have Chronic Tension Headaches. I knew it! I went to my Doctor, it was an official diagnosis, nothing serious (not life threating) […]

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