Hectic and Tedious came over my house, and now were friends…

December 11, 2006


People; I haven’t exactly been a responsive poster lately, but today I felt the need to post. Within the past couple months my life has been absorbing all the hecticness revolving around my life. It’s similar to when you feel like your finally free from something, and BAM!! another situation or problem bites you in the ass! Fact is that I am 3 weeks behind on my Math course (lazy, unmotivated and burnt out!), my business isn’t exactly what you would call blooming, I moved far away from friends (Idiots), family, Church and other things that have generously contributed to my exhaustion. All my money has somehow been scheming to escape me, leaving me before I can even see it and play with it in my hands. I’ve desperately been living paycheck to paycheck, and I’ve been having pretty cloudy thoughts and judgments. Haven’t been sleeping more than 5 hours on a daily basis, and I find myself frustrated as well as falling asleep all the time EVEN while driving. I know it’s the Internet but who really cares so here it is: been having some self-esteem issues which truly isn’t like me, I had a girl horribly blow me off and now she wants to be like my “best friend”, so I’m thinking I should just tell her to leave me the F*%# alone, even if it hurts her little feelings! Although besides all that, my life hasn’t really been treating me so “good” lately. I’m begging to think I should just tell life to get a new friend..lol I don’t know people, I guess I just really needed to vent. I’m so tired and in desperate need of a vacation. I’m at work right now and I really don’t want to be here, my boss is SO annoying it’s not even funny. Makes a joke out of everything and automatically accuses people of things he thinks they’re liable to commit. If I wasn’t Christian I would say a couple more disturbing things but….. I already know that I haven’t exactly set the best example of a Christian. But all in all I shouldn’t be complaining atleast I got a roof over my head (which is more than I could say for the next unfortunate bum I happen to spot on the street). I’ve started to watch a TV show called the Sopranos, and if you haven’t seen or heard about it, it’s a show on HBO about a Crime Family (Mafia) that reside in New Jersey. I’ve been watching it from the very first season, I like the way they just don’t really care about anything, and somehow they still manage to show some respect for each other. Whatever I know it’s all fiction but, can’t why can’t we just live in a freaking fictional world once in a while? Huh, huh? That show REALLY makes me speed up my dream on wanting to go to Italy!
I guess I need to take it easy from now on; I mean I’m not even going full time to school and I feel like I’m taking 15 billion classes.. Till next time, oh and hopefully I won’t be in a “naggy” mood either….
I’m out…..



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