Podiatric Medicine; could this possibly influence my future?

November 30, 2006


I know that I have not posted in a while or a couple of weeks at that, but lately looking back on my life in my earlier days and seeing in fact how naive I was in reference to my introspection regarding the Medical field I can’t help it but to always carry out research and learn more and as much as I can about the Medical field. About a 2 or 3 months ago I kind of stumbled on something, and realized that there was a specialty in foot and ankle regions of the body. These specialties weren’t carried out just by Orthopedic Surgeon’s, no they were led by DPM’s (Doctor of Podiatric Medicine), basically foot and ankle doc’s that can make our lives at times much easier. There’s a possibility that you might of even been to one when you were younger and maybe hadn’t realized it, or payed much attention to the difference between them and general practitioners They do Foot and Ankle Re-constructive Surgery, and several other surgical procedures. I, not being as naive as you could say that I used to be, have been conducting some research, getting questions answered, and searching deeply within this career. MD’s/DO’s have to commit to unbearable hours and very undesirable work schedule’s; as for DPM’s, they have a little more time available, and can actually balance and maintain a pretty comfortable life, even while at residency, something that the MD’s/DO’s can’t really manage to accomplish. My worry and skepticism towards this has been going on for a while, but I am still very interested in becoming a DO or an MD. I’m just stating that my eyes have been opened to a new area within the Medical Field. I have always been worried that as an MD or DO I wouldn’t have enough time for family nor church, but the point is I am thinking and considering going into the Podiatric Medical Field and I believe I’ll be okay, no matter what happens. In the end all I will have left is God, Family, and following my heart, so when the time comes I know I’ll do the right thing and follow my instincts (which have never failed me).


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